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Trauma and PTSD Uncovered Book

A vast majority of people are exposed to trauma at some point in their life (Benjet et al., 2016). In many cases this can lead to PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Do you suffer with eating issues or sleep disturbances, low energy, chronic or unexplained pain?...

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Overcoming Trauma and PTSD

The experience of trauma is very much present in our lives, and the effects of trauma reach far and wide. This leaves traces on our minds and emotions, on our ability to experience joy and intimacy, and even our biology and immune system. With the continual in-depth...

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Healing from the Other Side

We are so delighted with the feedback on our latest book Healing from the Other Side, and that it reached number 1 in the Amazon bestseller list was just fantastic. The support for the book has been astonishing and we have got a great deal of interest in our Past Life...

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What Stage of Life are You In?

Throughout our adult lifespan we encounter various challenges and struggles in relation to our personal development. To watch me discuss these lifespan stages in more detail, visit my YouTube channel at this link.   Stages of Lifespan Psychologist...

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Trauma and PTSD Uncovered Book
Book by Dr Tom Barber

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