We are so delighted with the feedback on our latest book Healing from the Other Side, and that it reached number 1 in the Amazon bestseller list was just fantastic. The support for the book has been astonishing and we have got a great deal of interest in our Past Life Transpersonal Therapy certification course that is now running in 5 countries across the world, and which takes the learning from Healing from the Other Side to a whole new level.

If you haven’t yet got your copy here is a taster from the introduction …

A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

The Transpersonal Bar
Two existential psychotherapists, meeting at the end of a conference on the nature of freedom, choice, and responsibility, walk into a transpersonal psychology bar. One of them asks the barman, “Can I get the meaning to life here?” The barman replies, “Sure, which life would you like meaning to?” The other therapist, feeling curiously hopeful at what else might be on offer, asks, “Well . . . can I get some purpose also?” to which the barman replies, “Sure, the higher one? No problem. Two of them coming up!”


The therapists look at each other, confused at this somewhat cheerful and positive attitude, and say to the barman, “So, you mean to say that when people come into your bar they can order ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’, just like that, no questions asked!?” The barman replies, “For sure! We serve many things in my truly transpersonal bar, but the people that come in here only ever get what they seek.” One of the existentialists nudges their colleague’s arm, goading them to ask the blindingly obvious therapeutic question, “But what if they don’t know what they want?” The barman responds, “Then, my friends, they will always certainly get what they are given.” The other existentialist asks, bursting to know, “But what will that be?” The transpersonal barman replies, “Well, of course . . . they’ll receive exactly what they need.”


And so our ever-evolving journey of discovery into the limitless dimensions of what it is to be human continued.


In the Beginning
We’ve been here before, you and us. We don’t know when, where, or how. But once upon a time for some reason we existed in each other’s lives in some shape or form. The question arises: why are we here together again, right here, right now, and for what reasons?


You may never have considered that the people you know, meet, and have come into contact with, either personally or through a book like this, have likely at some point in history been a part of your life. But as we begin this journey, consider what it would be like to open your mind to this concept, because in doing so you will be able to connect to where you will find your answers, and a whole new world of discovery can open up for you.


We all have something to learn from our time together: something to heal, something to let go of, something to say, or some unfinished business to close. We also have some potential to realise, some direction and meaning to discern, and the chance to be our most authentic self, feeling fully alive and connected to others. All of this you will work out once you enter this journey from your other, less rational side, as we guide you through this book.


So let’s go back to the beginning. We’ve been here before. Maybe one of us (Tom or Sandra) was your brother or sister, one of your parents, or one of your children. Perhaps a teacher, a lover, or friend. Or perhaps we were there to guide you when you needed it most. Maybe we were people who simply showed you kindness in your darkest hours. One of us could have even been someone who challenged you, or got under your skin and who made you angry – but you never said. Who knows? Well, actually, you do and we do. Deep within us we know who we were to each other and we know why we are here together again as we take the first steps on this enlightening journey.

Continue reading with either the paperback or Kindle version of Healing from the Other Side, and to find out more about delving further into your own past lives on our 3-day certified course click here.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received …

Healing from the Other Side is an extraordinary book, taking you deeper into your own existence in a profound and loving way.”
– Professor María Guadalupe Medina Gallardo, PhD, Founder of the Instituto de Psicoterapia Humanista, Mexico.

“Anyone who reads Healing from the Other Side will feel well-equipped to start doing Past Life Therapy themselves in a safe and structured way.”
– Dr John Rowan, Author of The Transpersonal and The Reality Game.

“I fully recommend this wonderful, vibrant book for anyone looking to deepen their self-awareness and heal blocks, both physical and energetic.”
– Glenn Harrold, Bestselling Author of The Answer.

Pragmatic, clear, positive, grounded, well-written, expressive, with a clear motivational tone and good examples. Tom and Sandra show hypnotic art at its best.’
– Dr Vitor Rodrigues, Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Author of Terras de Mentes.

‘While many books are available regarding spiritual approaches to hypnosis and past lives, very few seem to be as credibly researched and referenced as this comprehensive book is.’
– Roy Hunter, DIMDHA, DAPHP; Hypnosis Trainer and Published Author of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, The Art of Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution.



Author: Dr Tom Barber

Dr Tom Barber is a #1 bestselling author, integrative and existential psychotherapist and coach, speaker, and co-founder of Self Help School, and Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. His work has spanned over 25 years, in which he has focussed on helping people all over the world to improve their knowledge and understanding of their psychological worlds. Tom regularly delivers courses and lectures in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, and across Europe. In addition, he maintains a private therapy and coaching consultancy, and psychotherapy training college from his base in London.