In Thinking Therapeutically Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland share some of their most memorable clinical client sessions. They describe how they use proven techniques in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Creative Psycho-Imagery, and also Dream Analysis and Interpretation.

Tom and Sandra take you on a journey into the internal worlds of two experienced practitioners, as they first recall their own journeys to becoming therapists, and then offer a series of verbatim session accounts, with a personal processing of each session. They additionally offer a critical analysis of each other’s work.

Thinking Therapeutically provides an opportunity to see these ideas in action, and gives you insight as to what did, and what did not work, in the sessions they describe.

Tom Barber and Sandra Westland offer an excellent contribution to the profession with their book, Thinking Therapeutically. They show how they use a variety of techniques to help clients achieve their desired results. The authors also use some metaphors quite skilfully. I was impressed at the honesty of the authors to include a chapter on their own personal journeys into the profession.

Roy Hunter, PhD.

Author of The Art of Hypnosis, The Art of Hypnotherapy, Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution

Proven Techniques

Tom and Sandra bring a unique approach to this book, rarely seen with this degree of honesty and transparency, as in sharing their work in such an intimate way, they provide both new and experienced therapists with unique insights in the process of psychotherapy, usually only reserved for experienced practitioners.


In Thinking Therapeutically, you will learn:

  • Chapter 1: The Journey to Becoming a Hypnotherapist
    Tom’s Beginning
    Sandra’s Beginning
  • Chapter 2: Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis and NLP in Action
    The Clenched Fist Auto Anchoring Technique
    Driving Test Anxiety
    The Theatre Screen Technique – Phobias
    The SWISH Technique – Confidence Building and Positivity
  • Chapter 3: Working Creatively with Imagery
    Dream Work – Emotional Intelligence
    Guided Affective Imagery – Eating Disorders
    Hypnohealing – IBS
  • Chapter 4: The Art of Analytical Work
    Regression Therapy – Gagging
    Hypnoanalysis – Weight Loss
    Parts Therapy – Shyness and Self-Esteem

Thinking Therapeutically is reminiscent of the conversation between Milton H. Erickson and Ernest Rossi in the classic, The February Man. The two authors take turns explaining their selection of interventions, perceptions of their clients, feelings during the session and evaluation of each outcome. What I found most touching was the honesty with which the authors shared their perceptions and emotions during each session, with remarkable precision.

Judith E. Pearson, PhD.

Psychotherapist, Coach, NLP/Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Trainer

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Author: Dr Tom Barber

Dr Tom Barber is a #1 bestselling author, integrative and existential psychotherapist and coach, speaker, and co-founder of Self Help School, and Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies. His work has spanned over 25 years, in which he has focussed on helping people all over the world to improve their knowledge and understanding of their psychological worlds. Tom regularly delivers courses and lectures in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, and across Europe. In addition, he maintains a private therapy and coaching consultancy, and psychotherapy training college from his base in London.